Chelba, Gin-Rehydrated - 200G
Chelba, Gin-Rehydrated - 200G
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Chelba, Gin-Rehydrated - 200G

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This year for our pet project here, we are rehydrating coffee from Ethiopia too, but from Chelba, Yirgacheffe.

We are proud to be collaborating with Singapore's very own Singapore Distillery (@sgdistillery) to rehydrate & infuse aromatics from their signature Kyuri (Japanese Cucumber) Gin into the coffee prior to roasting.

Expect a boozy cup with botanical & floral notes complementing fruity characteristics from the coffee.


Flavour Notes 

Rum & Raisin

Candy Floss


*Coffee roasting is a heat-intensive process taking the beans to a temperature above 200˙C most times. Due to alcohol having low boiling points, no alcohol is left in the coffee post-roasting. Order at your own discretion should it be a sensitive factor.


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**Our single origins are roasted omni-style (to accommodate for both espresso & filters)