Uva Rosa, Colombia - 200G
Uva Rosa, Colombia - 200G
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Uva Rosa, Colombia - 200G

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Cup Score - 91

Flavour Notes - Apricot, Red Grape, 60% Milk Chocolate, Agave

Process - Glycolytic Anaerobic Natural 200 Hours

Fourth Generation Farmer, Santiago experiments with new and modern approaches to farming. Santiago's goal is to make coffee that is enjoyed with a great sensory experience.

The estate has a total of 186 Hectares of which 134 Hectares are cultivated with caturra, geisha, and yellow bourbon, 20 hectares are a

reservation forest, and 32 Hectares are cultivated with other crops". During harvest season 200 local workers are hired to work on the farm. Santiago believes it’s not about productivity, it’s about passion because they recognize the production of specialty coffees as art and science for which they take care of every step of the process.

Santiago's environmental nature and deep respect for nature having an agro-ecological approach bring

  1. Producing coffee under the shade.

  2. Using an advanced approach of resilient landscape design.

In 2003 they began the sustainability program based on the concepts of Ana Primaveci.

Santiago is a coffee science enthusiast for which he loves to create, experiment, research different fermentation, drying, and stabilization processes and conditions aiming to achieve unexpected flavors, complex acidities, and sweetness, but also his approach allows him to be consistent and repeatable.


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*Our single origins are roasted omni-style (to accommodate for both espresso & filters)