Izuba, Rwanda - Exotic (from 150g)
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Izuba, Rwanda - Exotic (from 150g)

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From Africa's top, multiple award-winning coffee producer, comes a unique coffee that grows along the shores of Lake Kivu.

Grown and processed in Rwanda from newly harvested Red Bourbon cherries, this coffee is the first (of many, for sure) experimental processing technique done by the humble farmers there.

60 hours might not sound like a long time when you compare to anaerobic fermentation done in Latin America. But due to higher humidity & warmth in the origin, time & control is of the essence. 

The result? A humble coffee boasting tremendous flavours in the cup.

Enjoy boozy cherry notes hitting you upfront, with a candy-like sweetness & a viscous mouthfeel similar to red wine.

A very limited offering

Flavour Notes 

Cherry Brandy





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