Andres Londono COE, Colombia - 200G
Andres Londono COE, Colombia - 200G
Andres Londono COE, Colombia - 200G
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Andres Londono COE, Colombia - 200G

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Cup Score - 89

Flavour Notes - Macadamia, Raspberry, Rosewater, Maple Syrup

Process - Wet Aerobic Fermentation, 36 Hours


Third-generation Farmer Andrés is working towards delivering and producing coffee of the highest standards; following traditional values and innovative methods. With extensive research and thorough experimentation processes done to each variety, quality is of the top priority.

Farmers Andrés and Olga Lucía Londoño, the third generation of coffee producers and entrepreneurs.

The Estate, located on a hill of the Central Andes mountain with an altitude of approximately 1950 meters above sea level. Across dozens of springs and surrounded by a vast untouched mist forest which they like to call the five-sense forest because of the multisensory experience which you can enjoy when you walk inside. You can feel, hear, touch, smell and taste the flavour of nature.

These particular characteristics of a magnificent terroir and environmental conditions allow it to have a unique microclimate for producing the highest quality coffee.


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*Our single origins are roasted omni-style (to accommodate for both espresso & filters)