Ambo Konijo, Ethiopia - Heirloom (Exclusive - from 150g)
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Ambo Konijo, Ethiopia - Heirloom (Exclusive - from 150g)

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A beautiful fully-washed Ethiopian from the region of Kochere.

Known for producing bright, juicy flavours in a cup, it's a coffee for those who seek acidity and fruit-forward flavours.

Get clarity through a filter-style brewed coffee & a juicy, syrupy espresso.

We are proud to be collaborating with Singapore's very own Singapore Distillery (@sgdistillery) to rehydrate & infuse aromatics from their signature Lime Garden Gin into the coffee prior to roasting.

Flavour Notes

Kafir Lime

Torch Ginger




*Coffee roasting is a heat-intensive process taking the beans to a temperature above 200˙C most times. Due to alcohol having low boiling points, no alcohol is left in the coffee post-roasting. Order at your own discretion should it be a sensitive factor.


**Coffees are roasted every Tuesday. To qualify for Free Delivery Weekend the same week, orders are to be made by 2pm on Friday of the week. 


***Our single origins are roasted omni-style (to accommodate for both espresso & filters)


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